Innovative health care delivery with caring, experienced people connecting the patient and care team quickly and cost-effectively.

Grand-Aides, regardless of age, have the temperaments and personalities of a good grandparent. Grand-Aides have had prior training in medical care (such as a Nurse Aide) and then take an added Grand-Aide curriculum. They are generally paid. Under close supervision by a nurse or physician, Grand-Aides use telephone protocols and home visits with portable telemedicine; they provide transitional – hospital discharge – and chronic disease management, as well as primary and preventive intervention to improve access to needed care and reduce unnecessary emergency, clinic and hospital visits, reducing costs. Recent data with Grand-Aides demonstrate a 58% reduction in all cause heart failure 30-day readmissions and 91% medication adherence at 30 days; in primary care, a reduction of walk-in clinic visits of 62% and 74% in emergency department visits. Grand-Aides are known by patients and families as trusted partners that assist in improving their health one step closer to home.

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